Geopolitical Events No Longer Main Drivers Of Gold Prices – Really?

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s rant, the contrary view appears.  Coincidence?  Probably.  To those who haven’t lived through several ups and downs, the middle of cycles always look like “it’s different this time.”  However, all you need is one good shock to the system and you find out the basics still apply.  In the animal world, snakes bite.  In the physical world, fire is hot.  In the human world, teenagers don’t grow up overnight.  In the political world, egos matter because people act like they do.  And in the economic world, people need a steady store of value.  In the interests of fairness and education, today we present an article by an author who claims geopolitics are not a main driver of gold prices.  To which The Gold Enthusiast says: Just wait til some shooting starts, or threatens.  Just because it ain’t happening now doesn’t mean it won’t.  And we sure hope it won’t, but if and when it does, “for some reason” you can expect to see the price of gold jump.

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