Gold News: What the Earning Reports Mean for Its Price

A closeup of two gold bars

While tensions with North Korea continue to dominate the news, there is some great fundamental gold news coming out about its exploration.  Exploratory drilling is up for the fifth straight quarter, not just for gold but for other metals such as lithium and copper.

Earnings reports from the senior gold miners like Barrick (NYSE:ABX) show most companies are getting costs under control, with Barrick reporting a cost-per-ounce of $731, down 12% in just two years.  And Indian marriage season buying should be ramping up, though we won’t see any reliable numbers until September.

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So things are looking good right now for our favorite metal.  For your weekend reading enjoyment, today we feature a piece that discusses gold vs the S&P 500.  Trading and investing, after all, are really just ways of trying to increase your wealth by fluctuations in relative value.

But that’s deeper than we probably need to get today with gold news.  So relax, enjoy the article, and let us know what you think in the Comments below.

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