Gold News: Nature May Cut Demand in This Country

Mother Nature has been on a bit of a rampage in the US lately, with volcanoes in Hawaii, heat and drought causing fires out West, and sweltering temperatures in the Northeast. With intermittent bouts of rainstorms producing flash floods, of course.  Other parts of the planet are also taking hits. Parts of India have been hit with record rains, triggering flooding that may affect – the gold market.

What?  Yep, seems the region of India that comprises a large part of seasonal gold demand was hit with flooding this month, leaving industry experts to predict a drop in gold purchases.  Who’da thunk it, but here we are. There is a bright spot on the horizon though; you have to read today’s featured article to find out what it is.  Then let us know in the Comments which way you think the balance will go – more, same, or less demand from India this Fall?

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