Chase Opposes Goldman Sachs’ Opinion on Gold

JP Morgan Company
Written by Mike Hammer

A few days ago, we picked on Goldman a bit, which some of you pointed out might have been a little aggressive — given the very passive nature of the cited report. So today we’ll make some amends by being mostly kind to JP Morgan Chase. Yes indeed, all the big guys are apparently now staking out a claim in the gold opinion world, and JPM’s is much different than GS’s.

As a teaser, GS’s report said basically that, “gold is back”, while today JPM says “maybe not so much.” JPM gives their reasons and the places they are looking to in these times of increased volatility. Well hey, they’re trying to be helpful. What do you think? Is the US Dollar, gold, or somewhere else the place to run to these days? Let’s discuss in the Comments below.

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