Which Billionaires are Bullish on Gold?

Written by Mike Hammer

Lots of investors follow what “the big boys” are doing, in the belief that somehow they know more.  Or understand things better.  Or both.  Right now the well-followed billionaires are split in their opinions on gold, at least so far as actually holding any.  John Paulson, head of Paulson & Co, is apparently still bullish on gold, according to the latest SEC filings.  (You may remember our report on Paulson heading up an oversight group for the gold miners.) Ray Dalio is also known to be bullish on gold. But other billionaires haven’t jumped on the gold wagon yet, so depending on whom you follow the picture is either clear or muddy. Today’s featured article goes through a small list of big boys to see where they currently stand.  Then let us know where you stand in the Comments section at the bottom of the page.

Read today’s featured article here: Which Billionaires are Bullish on Gold?

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