How Will The Fed’s Meeting Affect the US Dollar?

the fed building
Written by Mike Hammer

With January earnings season now firmly in the rear view mirror and March Madness upon us, what will drive the markets this week?  (Yes, Brexit will play a part. But no sane person seriously expects any clean-and-clear decisions on that anytime soon. Although now that journalists are hounding rock stars about it, who knows.) Well, it’s our old friend the Fed to the rescue, of course.

This is a “minor” Fed week, just consisting of a policy meeting, but as usual, there will be reporting out of it that’s expected to bounce the US Dollar around a bit. So in a minor vacuum of news that will probably be the big driver this week. Life can’t always be fireworks and proposals, and sometimes it’s nice to just take a break. Remember that when there is little “actual” news, even minor news can shake the markets.  The USD is looking down heading into the market open today, we’ll see where it goes from here.

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