The Surprising Reason Why Gold Keeps Rising

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Written by Mike Hammer

Like the Energizer Bunny gold just seems to keep on going and going. On Monday gold hit a 6-year high in US markets.  In other major trading countries gold is at all-time highs; India, Britain, Canada, Japan, Australia, and South Africa at the minimum.

The list reasons why gold keeps rising is getting longer, with the news that some countries’ national debt is now returning negative real yields being the newest addition. This is important info because now the old saying about “gold doesn’t pay interest” suddenly translates to “no interest is better than negative interest”.

Especially when the price of gold is rising – now gold is suddenly in the same realm as most stocks (which don’t pay dividends). Today’s featured article tells about the surprising country whose bonds just went into negative yield territory – quite a surprise to this Gold Enthusiast.

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Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer has had a wide-ranging career, with trading and investing as continuing themes. Mike graduated with a business degree and spent years as a financial advisor, before moving to New York and to pursue a career in IT and education. For more than a decade Mike has been working with the Adam Mesh Trading Group as a stock market and commodities mentor. He’s trained over 200 individuals, spoken at several national conventions, and is a frequent contributor to educational webinars.

Mike writes The Gold Enthusiast daily newsletter, runs the Golden Hammer trading service, and participates in the Mesh Private Portfolio. He also keeps a position in international education which keeps him in touch with "the student mindset".

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