Will Silver Continue to Rise? [What to Watch]

silver investing chart
Written by Mike Hammer

Silver exploded on Wednesday, with the benchmark SLV ETF opening 3.1% higher than the Tuesday close. It then peaked at 16.15 before falling back slightly to close at 15.97. The gap up on the chart is quite remarkable.

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Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer has had a wide-ranging career, with trading and investing as continuing themes. Mike graduated with a business degree and spent years as a financial advisor, before moving to New York and to pursue a career in IT and education. For more than a decade Mike has been working with the Adam Mesh Trading Group as a stock market and commodities mentor. He’s trained over 200 individuals, spoken at several national conventions, and is a frequent contributor to educational webinars.

Mike writes The Gold Enthusiast daily newsletter, runs the Golden Hammer trading service, and participates in the Mesh Private Portfolio. He also keeps a position in international education which keeps him in touch with "the student mindset".

Mike focuses on the precious metals markets, the energy industry, and the financial sector. His motto is "Plan your trade, then trade your plan!"

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  • “They’re” at it again. Sell now, bring the price back down so ”we” can buy up more as eventually both gold and silver will sky rocket and “we” will make a bundle leaving you, me and the little man wondering what happened!
    Silver is the poor man’s gold. Manipulate its price and scare off buyers. Buy when it is down, keep it and don’t sell, just wait. Nobody ever mentions this but silver is much easier to BARTER with than gold..just an old contrarian’s opinion.

    • Lots of people feel this way – there are just so many unexplainable dips and dumps in silver. If we trade smart hopefully we benefit from the pops! Thanks for your comment, The Gold Enthusiast