An Optimal Way to Project the Price of Silver

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Written by Mike Hammer

It’s a great month to be a precious metals trader – lots of interest in the sectorkey levels breaking every few days, everything looking up-up-up. In this burst of enthusiasm, the latest jump in international silver prices from 15 to 18+ even has analysts discussing what it will take to hit 50.

That might be a little optimistic, but given that recent calls for $18 by the end of the year look pretty pedestrian now. The gold-silver ratio is slowly dropping, owing to the faster increase in silver prices compared to gold. Today we recommend you look at the history of the silver-to-gold ratio and see where it generally is historically, and let you project your own future price of silver.

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Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer has had a wide-ranging career, with trading and investing as continuing themes. Mike graduated with a business degree and spent years as a financial advisor, before moving to New York and to pursue a career in IT and education. For more than a decade Mike has been working with the Adam Mesh Trading Group as a stock market and commodities mentor. He’s trained over 200 individuals, spoken at several national conventions, and is a frequent contributor to educational webinars.

Mike writes The Gold Enthusiast daily newsletter, runs the Golden Hammer trading service, and participates in the Mesh Private Portfolio. He also keeps a position in international education which keeps him in touch with "the student mindset".

Mike focuses on the precious metals markets, the energy industry, and the financial sector. His motto is "Plan your trade, then trade your plan!"

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