Gold Price Rally Surprises 30 Top World Experts

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Written by Mike Hammer

Your friendly Gold Enthusiast hates predicting gold prices.  History shows it’s a fool’s errand; you’re wrong WAAAY more often than you’re right.  But 30 fearless analysts took up the challenge in the 2019 London Bullion Market Association’s annual contest.  The prediction required isn’t the price at the end of the year, it’s the average price across the entire year – so a bit different than most people trade.

The results are telling about the differences between perception, expectation, and reality – the winner was the most bullish on price but still undershot the year’s average.  Meaning EVERY PREDICTION was too low!  Yet somehow the myth persists that gold is “worthless” or not worth trading… weird.  Read more about the contest and see the final results tally in today’s featured article.

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